The FERRALERT™ TARGET SCANNER™ fully complies with MR Safety mandates
from the American College of Radiology (ACR), The Joint Commission (TJC),
VA Healthcare, and Facilities Guidelines Institute (FGI).

Kopp Development Inc. acquires Mednovus, Inc. Ferromagnetic Detection business

With the acquisition, Kopp Development is expanding its MRI Safety product line to include the hand-held FerrAlert™ Target Scanner™ line.  Kopp already had the most extensive product offering in the industry.  With the addition of the hand-held detector products, Kopp now has a product for all aspects of MRI safety regarding the magnetic field of the MRI machine. 

In addition to the products and the FMDS technology, Kopp has acquired 8 additional patents.  Kopp now has 23 US and international patents with more patents pending.  With this intellectual property foundation, Kopp will be the technology innovator and MRI Safety leader now and in the future.

Keith Kopp, President states that: “I am very excited by this acquisition.  Mednovus is a proven leader in the field.  With over 2000 ferrodetectors in use, their track record is well established.  We intend to build upon this foundation to make the MRI experience safer for all.”

Kemp Massengill, Mednovus President, states that: “We are honored to pass the Mednovus baton and legacy of excellence to Keith Kopp and his exceptional Professional team at Kopp Development, the acknowledged world leader in ferromagnetic detection.  This is a major safety step forward for patient care, as the synergy achieved with Kopp Development pillar and portal FMD systems and the FerrAlert™ Target Scanner™ working in tandem greatly enhances MRI Safety for the millions of patients undergoing this procedure every year.”   



The American College of Radiology (ACR), The Joint Commission (TJC), the Veterans Administration (VA), the Facilities Guidelines Institute (FGI), and many state legislatures mandate ferromagnetic ONLY detection for MR Safety - and NOT metal detectors!

At Kopp Develoment, we will focus our people, energies, and skills on providing superior ferromagnetic ONLY detection systems for your unique needs - and provide the first-class customer service you deserve.

It would be a pleasure to discuss with you what our FERRALERT™ ferromagnetic technology and advanced patented innovations do for our esteemed customers.

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FERRALERT™ MR Safety Systems conform with MRI ferromagnetic ONLY detection safety documents and
mandated requirements from The Joint Commission (TJC), American College of Radiology,
VA Healthcare System, Facilities Guidelines Institute (FGI), and many State Licensure Regulations.